S DenIb Qatlh
de.'nib qax ] / [ de.'nib qax ]
Klingon letters:
denib qax
denib qax

Denebian slime devil

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word type: noun, TKD chapter 3.

plural: DenIb Qatlhmey
This noun is made of the parts DenIb and Qatlh.


The Klingon Dictionary p. 84

More Information

This is spelled DenIbya' Qatlh in the English-Klingon listing of TKD, and DenIb Qatlh on the Klingon side. In KGT, it is explained that many planets have two version of their name, i.e. one with and one without the trailing -ya'.

In TKD, DenIb and DenIbya' are both glossed "Denebia." But that's an error. The planet name in English is Deneb, not Denebia. The Klingon, however, is correct: there are two versions of this name. (qepHom 2017)

See ➞ Deneb article at Memory Alpha, the wiki for canon Star Trek.

See ➞ Denebian slime devil article at Memory Alpha, the wiki for canon Star Trek.

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