S ghIlab ghew
gi.'lab gê ] / [ gi.'lab gê ]
Klingon letters:
gilab gew
gilab gew

glob fly

word type: noun, TKD chapter 3.

plural: ghIlab ghewmey
This noun is made of the parts ghIlab and ghew.


Klingon for the Galactic Traveler p. 127, 215

Canon examples

ghIlab ghewmey tIbuSQo'.
Pay no heed to glob flies. (TKW p. 171)

bIQongtaHvIS nItlhejchugh targhmey bIvemDI' nItlhej ghIlab ghewmey.
If you sleep with targs, you'll wake up with glob flies. (TKW p. 173)

ram; ghIlab ghew rur
trivial as a glob fly (KGT p. 127)

More Information

A glob fly is a small bug without a sting that makes an annoying humming noise with an high frequency. It is not explained if "glob" is a name or refers to its origin.

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