S Ha'
haz ] / [ haz ]
Klingon letters:

1. Let's go! Come on!

word type: exclamation, TKD chapter 5.5.


The Klingon Dictionary p. 57, 87

2. undo
word type: Type Rover verb suffix, TKD chapter 4.2.Rover.


The Klingon Dictionary p. 47, 164

More Information

The suffix -Ha' can reverse the meaning of a verb, but sometimes it also carries the meaning of doing something incorrectly. Adding -Ha' does not mean that the new word is the exact opposite. In few cases, the English definition could be an entirely new word.

This table lists all verbs ending with -Ha' that are part of this dictionary. If you think there is one missing, you can easily ➞ create a new page and add the word. It will automatically show up in this list.
Klingon Canon definition Source
'IlHa' be insincere qepa
'eyHa' be undelicious KGT
'ojHa' be not thirsty any more qepHom
'otHa' disclose, divulge qepHom
bachHa' err, make a mistake KGT
baghHa' crack a code qepHom
baw'Ha' be uncomfortable, worried, hesitant qepa
belHa' be displeased TKD
boqHa' subtract (used in math) HolQeD
boqHa''egh divide HolQeD
buSHa' ignore KGT
chenHa' malform qepHom
chongHa' un-vertical, italic other
chu'Ha' deactivate KGT
churHa' be comfortable qepa
DItlhHa' be avenged qepa
Do'Ha' be unfortunate, be unlucky KGT
DochHa' be polite, civil, courteous other
DonHa' be misaligned qepHom
ghanHa' be peaceful, calm qepHom
ghomHa' scatter, disperse TKD
ghungHa' be not hungry any more, be full qepHom
jaQHa' be shallow other
jejHa' be dull, be blunt (of blades) KGT
jemHa' be numb qepa
jo'Ha' zoom out qepa
jotHa' be uneasy TKD
qImHa' disregard TKD
qerHa' un-shrink, grow back other
quvHa' be dishonored KGT
lInHa' be offline other
lItHa' get off (of) KGT
lavHa' return back to upright (or earlier) position other
lay'Ha' break one's word KGT
lobHa' disobey TKD
matlhHa' be disloyal KGT
meSHa' un-knot qepHom
mobHa' be even (used with numbers) qepHom
molHa' dig up, excavate qepa
naDHa' discommend, disapprove TKDaddendum
naQHa' be incomplete inferred
ngaDHa' be instable inferred
ngaQHa' be unlocked, open inferred
ngaQHa'moH unlock inferred
ngapHa' be discordant, dissonant qepa
nobHa' give back, return KGT
pIQHa' be indirect, be roundabout, be devious other
pabHa' misfollow [the rules], follow [the rules] wrongly KGT
parHa' like TKD
polHa' discard KGT
pupHa' be approximate qepHom
QaHa' un-grow, shrink back other
QeyHa' be loose TKD
QeyHa'moH loosen TKD
QuchHa' be unhappy TKD
rIjHa' be adrift qepa
roSHa' be paralyzed inferred
roSHa'moH paralyze KGT
ru'Ha' be permanent KGT
SIHHa'moH solve (a problem) qepa
So'Ha' unhide, decloak inferred
Soy'Ha' be agile, be dexterous qepa
SumHa' afar, [not near] other
tabHa' wax (talking about phases of a moon) qepHom
tlhorghHa' be bland (referring to food) KGT
tuQHa'moH undress TKD
tungHa' encourage TKD
vIbHa' move through time toward the past qepa
varHa' be generous qepa
ve'Ha' travel aimlessly qepHom
vey'Ha' be uncomfortable qepa
voqHa' distrust TKD
wanHa' be crooked, be bent other
wanHa'moH make crooked, crook, bow, flex, bend qepHom
wuqHa' commute (a judicial sentence) other
yItlhHa' be indulgent other
yajHa' misinterpret TKD
yepHa' be careless TKD
yuDHa' be honest TKD

The suffix -Ha' can also be added to adverbials, but there is no general rule that confirms it can be applied to all adverbials. Marc Okrand agreed with most suggestions, but looked confused at some.

Klingon Canon definition Source
batlhHa' dishonorably KGT
ghaytanHa' unlikely other
jaSHa' similarly, likewise, in the same way qepa
loQHa' considerably, appreciably other
nItebHa' together other
neHHa' not only other
pIjHa' seldom, infrequently KGT
pe'vIlHa' gently qepa
SIbI'Ha' later, eventually other
wejHa' already qepHom

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