S Hom
hom ] / [ hom ]
Klingon letters:

1. bone

word type: noun, TKD chapter 3.

plural: HomDu' (body parts)


The Klingon Dictionary p. 88

Derived and related words

qayrI'Hom clavicle [collarbone]
vIlHom forehead ridge

2. weakling, runt, scrawny one, skinny one (slang)
word type: noun, TKD chapter 3. , slang usage, KGT, chapter 5.2.

plural: HomDu' (body parts)


Klingon for the Galactic Traveler p. 152

3. use the second toe
The Klingon Wiki has an article
about the toe names.
word type: verb, TKD chapter 4.
Probably transitive (not confirmed)


HolQeD vol. 10 issue 2, June 2001
view text of that issue

Canon examples

Pointing one's second toe at someone (typically an opponent or an enemy) with the other toes pointing downward is considered an insulting gesture:
jaghwI'Daq jIHom.
I claim my enemy is unworthy or weak.

Derived and related words

HomwI' second toe


This little piggy stayed home.

4. diminutive
word type: Type 1 noun suffix, TKD chapter 4.3.1.


The Klingon Dictionary p. 21


-'a' augmentative

More Information

The suffix -Hom is not always only related to size or importance of something. It can change the meaning of a word creating a new word in its English translation. For instance be'Hom (girl) is not necessarily "smaller in size" nor "less important" than a be'. It's just not quite a woman.

This table lists all words ending with suffix -Hom that are part of this dictionary. If you think there is one missing, you can easily ➞ create a new page and add the word. It will automatically show up in this list.
Klingon Canon definition Source
'aDHom capillary qepa
'echletHom card other
'echletHom vey deck of cards qepa
'ujHom incorrect uj other
be'Hom girl TKD
chabHom cookie qepHom
DI'ruj velqa' nIqHom virtual reality software qepa
De'wI'Hom laptop qepHom
Du'Hom garden qepHom
Du'QamHom type of flower qepa
HochHom most, greater part KGT
julHom yolk qepa
qayrI'Hom clavicle qepa
qepHom minor meeting inferred
qepHom'a' German annual gathering qepHom
qulHom spark other
lenHom short break other
loDHom boy TKD
lupDujHom shuttlecraft TKDaddendum
mangHom cadet TKDaddendum
mupwI'Hom mallet (for strinking a musical instrument) KGT
nIqHom software qepa
nIqHom mI' version number (major) other
naQHom stick (used to strike percussion instrument) KGT
naQjejHom arrow qepa
ngoDHom small facts, bits other
nuHHom small arms TKD
pInHom apron (clothing) qepHom
QIm julHom yolk qepa
QIn 'echletHom postcard TNK
Qa'Hom type of animal (similar to Qa', but smaller) KGT
QelHom doctor's aide other
Qu'Hom errand qepa
rojHom truce TKD
rutlhHom scroll wheel on mouse qepHom
SuSHom breeze, wisp of air TKD
tIq Hom Dim Sum other
tajvajHom acute angle qepHom
tlhagh patat 'oQqar naQHom fries TNK
tu'HomI'raH something useless KGT
vIlHom forehead ridge qepa
vengHom village TKD
voDchuchHom small spider-like bug qepHom
yuQHom planetoid TKD
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moH be ugly

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