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Klingon letters:


word type: noun, TKD chapter 3.

plural: Hovmey


The Klingon Dictionary p. 89

Canon examples

Hov ghajbe'bogh ram rur pegh ghajbe'bogh jaj.
A day without secrets is like a night without stars. (PK)

jIjatlhpa' jatlh Hovmey.
The stars will talk before I will. (PK)

Dejpu'bogh Hov rur qablIj. Your face looks like a collapsed star! (PK)

Hovmey Davan.
You salute the stars. (TKW)

Expanded examples

ghIq chalDaq HovDaq SIq qeylIS 'ej jatlh pa' DaqHomvetlh wovDaq HInej.
Then Kahless pointed to a star in the sky and said, "Look for me there... on that point of light".
(illustration seen in pIqaD on monitor in DSC announcement by Lieven, 8/2017

Derived and related words

Hov leng Star Trek
HovpoH stardate
Hovtay' star system
Hov tut telescope
HovQeD astronomy
Hovtej astronomer

More Information

Hov refers to the same celestial object as star. (KGT, p. 204)

Similar sounding words

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