S Hutvagh
hut.'vag ] / [ hut.'vag ]
Klingon letters:

too many people or things in a place all at once

word type: noun, TKD chapter 3.

plural: Hutvaghmey


HolQeD vol. 11 issue 3, September 2002
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Okrand was driving on interstate 95

More Information

On his drive up to attend qep'a' HutDIch, it is believed that Marc Okrand was in communication with Maltz (the precise mechanics responsible for this are unknown and unimportant to the present concern). Traffic along the intersrate was particularly heavy, a topic which at some point entered into the conversation. Dr. Okrand reports that Maltz volunteered the Klingon term Hutvagh, a noun meaning "too many people or things in a place all at once." Maltz further indicated that the term was used as word play, a substitution for the more common Qu'vatlh which might otherwise be heard in such situations. (HolQeD v11n3, p. 13)

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