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heave, shrug

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word type: verb, TKD chapter 4.
intransitive verb: jIm vay'. = Somebody/something heave, shrugs.


HolQeD vol. 11 issue 2, June 2002
view text of that issue p. 9
email to De'vID of March 1st, 2019

More Information

This word was first defined in the context of aircraft movements as "heave (aircraft rising or falling without pitching)" (HolQeD 11:2 p. 9)

In the message to De'vID of 2019, its definition was generalised and explained as follows:

jIm, when applied to people, is generally used for "shrug" (like what many Terrans do with their shoulders to indicate "I don't know"). You could say jIm SuvwI' volchaHDu' "the warrior's shoulders shrug," but most commonly volchaH(Du') is left out (and you'd just say jIm SuvwI' "the warrior shrugs"). You could also say volchaHDu'Daj jImmoH SuvwI' "the warrior shrugs his/her shoulders. (If the context is clear, you can leave out -Du' and/or -Daj.)

(email to De'vID about body movements)

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