S jaqtala'
jak.ta.'laz ] / [ jak.ta.'laz ]
Klingon letters:

puberty, jak'tahla

word type: noun, TKD chapter 3.

plural: This word is probably not countable.


qepHom Saarbrücken 2019
See new words released at qepHom'a' 2019

More Information

The history of the word jaqtala' is a bit strange.

The word itself (jak'tahla) was created by one of the movie producers of Star Trek: Insurrection.

Robyn Stewart reported the story in 2013, after talking ot Marc Okrand at the qep'a':

Marc told a story in which he was alerted that a producer [may not have been the exact title] was going to call him looking for a Klingon word for "puberty". He prepared a few alternatives, as he usually does in such cases. When the phone call came the question was "Is there a Klingon word for puberty."

Marc answered, "No...." preparing to then provide his suggestions, but the producer cut him off, "Good, because I made one up." Marc said that fortunately the producer's word was consistent with Klingon phonology, so in my opinion Marc has accepted that word into canon. He doesn't himself remember what it is, but it is in one of the TNG movies, the one where they get younger. He explains Worf calling a pimple a "gortch" by saying that Klingons are so embarrassed by such things that they name them in an alien language, to distance themselves. Likewise Klingons appear to prefer naming children in other languages, which is why character names are not consistent with ta' Hol.
(Message of July 29, 2013)

In a follow-up email, Felix Malmenbeck suggested the Klingon spelling of the word: jaqtala' (Message of July 2013)

The word is not listed in the KLI's public new word list, although unconfirmed sources say that this spelling was confirmed at qep'a' 2017. That was the reason for it to appear as canon in the boQwI' app, and it was subsequently - maybe incorrectly - added to the wiki's list of news words.

The word was eventually confirmed at qepHom 2019, so it is definitely canon now.

See ➞ jak'tahla article at Memory Alpha, the wiki for canon Star Trek.

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