S javtIm raS'IS
jav.'tim ras.'zis ] / [ jav.'tim ras.'zis ]
Klingon letters:
javtim raszis
javtim raszis


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word type: noun, TKD chapter 3.

plural: javtIm raS'ISmey
This noun is made of the parts javtIm and raS'IS.


Dr. Veller's Brasilian vaccination campaign

More Information

Maltz thought that javtIm raS'IS could be used for "vaccine," adding that it's really a shortened form of javtIm ngeb raS'IS but, in context, nobody gets confused (except anti-vaxxers). Use of the term raS'IS is a holdover from ancient forms of medicine.

This noun is typically the object of the verb SIQ when you talk about getting or receiving a vaccine.

For administering the vaccine, you still hear the verb poch, as in javtIm raS'IS poch Qel. One could also say javtIm raS'IS pochmeH Hergh QaywI' lo' Qel. But it's more common to say simply javtIm raS'IS Qay Qel, since, in a medical context, the verb Qay normally implies that a Hergh QaywI' was involved.

(message to Lieven L. Litaer, February 28, 2021; for Dr. Veller's Brasilian vacination campaign)

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