S qIvon
ki.'von ] / [ ki.'von ]
Klingon letters:

body part (not further identified)

word type: noun, TKD chapter 3.

plural: qIvonDu' (body parts)


Klingon for the Galactic Traveler p. 224
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Canon examples

bIrchugh qIvon tuj 'Iw.
If the qIvon is cold, the blood is hot. (TKW p. 174)

More Information

Kor's left qIvon hurts whenver his ship hits warp 8. (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode Blood Oath)

The true meaning of the word remains obscure:
Actually, I tried to "pursue" the meaning of qIvon. Maltz seemed a little reluctant to talk about it. (I'd say "embarrassed," but that word is entirely inappropriate to use in describing a Klingon.) (MSN 1997/06/29)

A message by Marc Okrand to be included in the book Kauderwelsch Klingonisch:
taQbang ghIm is the basic structure. You can, of course, substitute turmIq or qeQ in for taQbang if that's what you really want to say. So you can say things like DaH jImej. turmIq vIghImnIS.

Maltz said Klingons don't have euphemisms for this sort of thing. On the other hand, there is a slang expression or idiom that's used from time to time, though mostly (but hardly always) by or to kids: qIvon belmoH (as in DaH jImej. qIvonwIj vIbelnISmoH. and the like). You might ask a child who's a little jittery belHa''a' qIvonlIj?

Most people say qIvon, though some say qIvonDu'. Maltz says he has no idea why this expression has this slang meaning, given what he knows about his own qIvonDu'.

As with idioms in general, you can't substitute one word for another (unless you're playing word games). So saying something like qIvonwIj vIQuchnISmoH could only refer to making your qIvon happy, assuming it's possible to do such a thing.

Production notes

It is possible that the authors of that DSN episode looked up the word for knee (qIv) and gave it an additional syllable.

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