S qanwI'
kan.'wiz ] / [ kan.'wiz ]
Klingon letters:

pinky finger

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word type: noun, TKD chapter 3.

plural: qanwI'Du' (body parts)
This noun is made of the parts qan and wI'.


HolQeD vol. 10 issue 2, June 2001
view text of that issue p. 7

More Information

nItlh refers to "finger" in general. These are the names for the fingers:
rIlwI' thumb, usually a child's thumb
SenwI' thumb, usually an adult's thumb
SIqwI' index, first, pointer finger
qaywI' middle finger
qewwI' ring finger
qanwI' pinky finger

Each verb that is base of the -wI' noun can be used in the meaning "use the ... finger". Some of the verbs have an additional meaning, e.g. pointing with the pinky at a person means that the speakers think the pointed person is old, based on the meaning of the verb qan be old.

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