S qav'ap juH
kav.'zap juh ] / [ kav.'zap juh ]
Klingon letters:
kavzap juh
kavzap juh


word type: noun, TKD chapter 3.

plural: qav'ap juHmey
This noun is made of the parts qav'ap and juH.


qep'a' 2021
See new words released at qep'a' 28
The request for this word was: "suite of rooms forming one residence, usually rented, typically in a building containing a number of these"  [note]

More Information

qav'ap juH is for a house or an apartment of any size that is not owned by the occupant. For a dwelling within a larger building containing several such dwellings (regardless of ownership), it's common to just say pa'mey (or occasionally just pa'). (qep'a' 2021)

(in other words: there is no word for "apartment". Just call it "rooms".)

See also

mebpa'mey hotel

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