S qay'
kŠ' ] / [ kŠ' ]
Klingon letters:

be a problem, be a hassle

word type: verb used as adjective, TKD chapter 4.4.
Quality verbs are intransitive by nature.


The Klingon Dictionary p. 101

Canon examples

qay'be' No problem! (TKD, p. 170)

More Information

The origin of the phrase qay'be' is explained in The Star Trek Encyclopedia:
Qay'be'. Klingon language phrase meaning "No problem." ("Real Life" [VGR]). The expression was devised by Klingon language consultant Marc Okrand at the request of Star Trek III visual-effects supervisor Ken Ralston, and was subsequently incorporated into the Klingon lexicon. It became a catchphrase for Ralston and his ILM crew, whenever they faced an unexpected problem or a last-minute change of plans during the production of the movie. No matter how difficult the problem or how unusual the request might be, the proper warrior's response was a firm Qay'be'!

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