S qu'
kuz ] / [ kuz ]
Klingon letters:

1. be fierce

word type: verb used as adjective, TKD chapter 4.4.
Quality verbs are intransitive by nature.


The Klingon Dictionary p. 103

Canon examples

SuvwI' qu' fierce warrior
(KGT p. 160)

qu'bej QoghlIj.
Your Qogh is definitely fierce. (PK 1:08:09)

2. be great, be wonderful, be excellent, be splendid (slang)
word type: verb used as adjective, TKD chapter 4.4. , slang usage, KGT, chapter 5.2.
Quality verbs are intransitive by nature.


Klingon for the Galactic Traveler p. 159

Canon examples

taj qu' excellent knife
qu' taj the knife is excellent
(KGT p. 159)

may' qu' excellent battle
(KGT p. 160)

3. emphatic
word type: Type Rover verb suffix, TKD chapter 4.2.Rover.


The Klingon Dictionary p. 48

Canon examples

To say "I lose in a big way" is jIlujqu' or jIlujchu'. (KGT p. 166)

Study him/her well. (TKD p. 48)

They have not finished us off. (TKD p. 48)

We are NOT afraid to kill you. (TKD p. 49)

We are not AFRAID to kill you. (TKD p. 49)

We are not afraid to KILL you. (TKD p. 49)

Dujmey tInqu'
very big ships (TKD p. 49)

wanI' ramqu'
a very unimportant event (TKD p. 50)

veng tInqu'Daq
in the very big city (TKD p. 50)

naDev qaS wanI' ramqu'
There's nothing happening here. Star Trek III: The Search for Spock

bortaS bIr jablu'DI' reH QaQqu' nay'.
Revenge is a dish which is best served cold. (TKD p. 171)

You look terrible. lit. You're very ugly. (TKD p. 172)

betleH vaQqu'
a really spectacular bat'leth(KGT p. 67)

buy'qu' ngop
That's really good news. slang idiom, lit. The plates are very full.(KGT p. 147)

very difficult (Star Trek V: The Final Frontier, KGT p. 160)

I lose in a big way. (KGT p. 166)

pInaDqu' tuqlIj wInaDqu' je
Glory to you and your house. lit. We praise you highly; we also praise your house highly. (KGT p. 182)

tIqIpqu' 'ej nom tIqIp.
Hit them hard and hit them fast. (TKW p. 8)

bIQapqu'meH tar DaSop 'e' DatIvnIS.
To really succeed, you must enjoy eating poison. (TKW p. 73)

Derived and related words

Say'qu'moH sterilize


'uq whistle

Similar sounding words

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