S latlh
lax ] / [ lax ]
Klingon letters:

additional one, another one

word type: noun, TKD chapter 3.

plural: latlhpu' (beings capable of language)


Addendum of The Klingon Dictionary p. 182

Canon examples

modifying a noun:
latlh HIvje'Daq 'Iw HIq bIr yIqang!
Pour the cold bloodwine into another glass! (Idiom, KGT p. 118)

referring to beings capable of language:
Heghpu'bogh latlhpu' ghuHmoH bey. ghoS tlhIngan SuvwI' maq.
This yell ... serves to warn the other dead that a Klingon warrior is coming. (SB #31)

ghIq lutDaj jatlh qeylIS / latlhpu' law' pIlmoHpu' lutvam
Then Kahless tells his tale, The tale that inspired many before them (paq'batlh)

yIntaH qIrq 'e' vIneH. DaSwIj bIngDaq latlhpu' vItap.
Kirk I want alive. The rest I will grind beneath my boot. (Constellations)

reH latlh qabDaq qul tuj law' Hoch tuj puS
The fire is always hotter on someone else's face. (PK)

Derived and related words

latlh je et cetera

Similar sounding words

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