S mIw
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Klingon letters:

procedure, process / step, stage (in a process) / recipe, formula

word type: noun, TKD chapter 3.

plural: mIwmey


Addendum of The Klingon Dictionary p. 182
KGT p. 219, qep'a' 2019

Canon examples

The verb usually used with mIw as "step in a procedure" is ta':
'oy'naQ DaQeqDI' mIw wa'DIch Data', 'ach 'oy'naQ Dachu'DI' mIw paghDIch Data'.
When you aim the painstik, you accomplish the first step, but when you turn the painstik on, you accomplish the zeroth step. (KGT p. 177)

'oy'naQ Dachu'Ha'DI' mIw HochDIch Data'.
When you turn the painstik off, you accomplish the last step. (KGT p. 177)

Expanded examples

BuQwI'vam 'omlu'meH wa' mIw tu'lu'.
There is one way to confront this threat. (Star Trek: Discovery, T'Kuvma, ep. 1.01 "The Vulcan Hello")

Derived and related words

ghojmeH mIw lesson
porgh mIw bodily function

More Information

In TKD the word mIw was introduced as "procedure, process". KGT expanded the meaning to "step, stage (in a process)" and at qep'a' 2019, the added meaning was "recipe, formula".

This is generally used for this, but step-by-step instructions can also be referred to as HIl'aD. The word for "ingredient" is qurme', so if a "formula" is the list of the ingredients of something (like a secret formula for the special sauce on a Big Mac), that's qurme'mey.

Similar sounding words

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