S mebpa'mey
meb.'paz.mé ] / [ meb.'paz.mé ]
Klingon letters:


word type: noun, TKD chapter 3.

irregular pluralwhat?(see note)
This noun is made of the parts mebpa' and mey.


Klingon for the Galactic Traveler p. 219

Canon examples

Quj wa'DIch juH qachmey mebpa'mey je qa' raQmey chu' monmey chu' je.
Custom outposts and capitals replace original houses and hotels. (MKE)

More Information

This word is one of the very few which are listed in their plural form in this dictionary, because that's the way it was provided and how it's usually used. This word has caused some discussions because it does not represent a building, it stands for a "collection of rooms". The plural form "hotels" is certainly not mebpa'mey-mey. mebpa'mey means "guest rooms," and both one hotel and multiple hotels can be described as guest rooms.

The reason we have mebpa'mey in the word list is not because Marc Okrand wanted to tell us that mebpa'mey means "hotel"; it's because he wanted to tell us that the way you say "hotel" in Klingon is mebpa'mey. He does that all the time in the English—Klingon lists: include a word that he expects people to try to look up but which aren't root words in Klingon.

See also

qav'ap juH apartment

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