S mej
mej ] / [ mej ]
Klingon letters:

leave, depart

word type: verb, TKD chapter 4.
transitive verb: vay' vImej. = I leave, depart something.


Addendum of The Klingon Dictionary p. 182

Canon examples

bImejDI' reH betleHlIj yItlhap.
Never leave without your bat'leth. (TKW p. 79)

ghorgh mamej
When do we leave? (CK)

vagh rep bImejnIS
Check-out time is five a.m. (CK)

DorDI' jar mejpu'
At the end of the month, he/she left. (HQ 12.2:8)

DaH jImej
Good-bye. (TNK)

bImej 'ej bIyIn
[translation unavailable] (paq'batlh)

yImej qeylIS
Be gone with you, Kahless (paq'batlh)

yIghoS yImej
Go now, leave me. (paq'batlh)

mej loD qan
The old man walks away (paq'batlh)

jatlh 'e' mevDI' nuvpu' mejmoH ghaH ratlh be'nalDaj luqara' neH.
After his last words, all were sent away, but his wife Lukara. (paq'batlh)

vavlI' loDnI'lI' je DaSammeH ghe'tor Da'elmo' 'ej Damejmo' QeHchoH qa'pu' vaj lubIjlu'
They will pay for the anger you caused by entering and leaving, Gre'thor in search of your kin. (paq'batlh)

ghe'tor Da'elta' 'ej lojmItmeyvo' Damejta' 'ach bIrIQbe'mo' SoH neH
Since you are the only one who ever entered Gre'thor, and left the gates unharmed (paq'batlh)

bIghHa' DamejDI' pagh QaS yInob
Get out of jail free. (MKE)

More Information

The difference between mej "leave" and tlheD "depart" is that tlheD implies setting out on a journey, having a goal or destination in mind, while mej refers simply to leaving one's current location. In both cases, the object is the place you're departing/leaving from. (qepHom 2019)


jem feel, sense

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