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Klingon letters:

1. match, fit into, interlock with, interlace with, mesh with

word type: verb, TKD chapter 4.
transitive verb: vay' vImey. = I match, fit into, interlock with, interlace with, mesh with something.


KLI mailing list 22. Januar 2019, a message from Okrand to David Yonge-Mallo

2. plural (general)
word type: Type 2 noun suffix, TKD chapter 3.3.2.


The Klingon Dictionary p. 21

More Information

From an email that David Yonge-Mallo received from Marc Okrand in January 22, 2019:

paSlogh is an inherently plural noun, grammatically singular. tu'mI' the word for one sock. The usual way to say "pair of socks" is paSlogh chang'eng; tu'mI' chang'eng is odd, but if you said it, you'd be understood. qoch is not the word for "partner" when referring to socks and gloves and the like. The word for that is nelwI'. With nel, the subject is one sock (or glove or shoe or whatever) of the pair and the object is the other.

To talk about a sock (or glove or...) matching (that is fitting onto) a foot (or hand or...), use the verb mey:

When a piece of a jigsaw puzzle fits into the right spot, you can say:

  • Qay'mol mey (Qay'mol) teSra' "the (puzzle) piece fits (into) the puzzle"
    (In this context, you don't have to repeat Qay'mol, but it's fine if you do.)


The first focuses on the interlocking of the pieces; the second focuses on the piece in question occupying the identically shaped space where it goes.

If X and Y fit together properly, you can say X mey Y or meychuq X Y je.

See also

nel match, pair up

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