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word type: noun, TKD chapter 3.

plural: nalpu' (beings capable of language)


This word does not appear as such in canon. It is derived from another word.

More Information

The word nal has never been defined by itself. In all appearances, it was used in describing relationships:

  • nalqaD is literally a mate challenge and also defined as such. (KGT p. 220) This is the closest one can get canonically to the definition of "mate".
  • be'nal and loDnal (wife and husband) end with nal. Note that loDnal is not the "mate of the man", it is the "male mate". Same for be'nal which is the "female mate".

uncle/aunt relationship work the same way:
  • tennuS is the paternal uncle, but the tennuSnal is the husband of the paternal aunt. Both are "uncle", but the tennuS is blood family while the tennuSnal has married into the family.
  • 'IrneH is the maternal uncle, but the 'IrneHnal is the husband of the maternal aunt. Both are "uncle", but the 'IrneH is blood family while the 'IrneHnal has married into the family.
  • The above also works with 'e'mam/nal and me'/nal.

Based on that, the best translation for nal attached to a noun is "someone who has married into family".

The standalone word for "someone who married into the family" is 'e'nal.

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