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word type: noun, TKD chapter 3.

plural: nganpu' (beings capable of language)


The Klingon Dictionary p. 98

More Information

Contrary to the general rule of stress, the syllable ngan is usually not stressed in nouns ending with it. In addition, the stress on the other syllables is also not regular.

When attached to a word, -ngan is generally translated as "people of", but it's more generally used to indicate a group of beings, not necessarily beings from a particular place. (qepHom 2019, p. 19)

This could be an answer to the old dilemma of whether a Klingon living on Earth could be called a tera'ngan: the answer is generally no, because tera'ngan is generally understood to refer to humans, but someone wanting to split hairs could legitimately claim that any inhabitant of Earth could be called a tera'ngan. Said person should be prepared to fend off an attack of eye-rolling.

So -ngan as an element of a compound noun means something like "one of the group of people associated with living on/in. ngan as a separate word means inhabitant of. A human being is a tera'ngan, but the human's cat is not a tera'ngan, though it is a tera' ngan. (David Trimboli on the KLI mailing list, Jan 26, 2022)

Derived and related words

This table lists all words ending with the word ngan that are part of this dictionary. If you think there is one missing, you can easily ➞ create a new page and add the word. It will automatically show up in this list.
Klingon Canon definition Source
'anDorngan Andorian qepa
'anDorya'ngan Andorian qepa
'orayngan Orion (person) other
'orayya'ngan Orion (person) other
'orghengan Organian TKD
'orghenya'ngan Organian TKD
DenIbngan Denebian TKD
DenIbya'ngan Denebian TKD
Hur'Iqngan Hur'q (person) KGT
qarDaSngan Cardassian (person) KGT
qelpIngan Kelpien (person) qepHom
qelpIya'ngan Kelpien (person) qepHom
lIghonngan Ligonian KGT
mo'rISqa'ngan Morskan qepa
nuralngan Neuralese TKD
pa'vongan Pahvan qepHom
reghuluSngan Regulan TKD
romuluSngan Romulan TKD
talarngan Talarian (person) KGT
tellarngan Tellarite qepa
tera'ngan Terran, Earther TKD
tlhIngan Klingon TKD
tlhIngan 'IH qaD Klingon beauty contest other
tlhIngan Hol Klingon language TKD
tlhIngan Hol poD clipped Klingon KGT
tlhIngan Hubbeq Klingon Defense Force TKDaddendum
tlhIngan wo' Klingon Empire TKD
verengan Ferengi TKDaddendum
vulqangan Vulcan (person) TKD
yIrIDngan Yridian (person) KGT

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