S ngutlh
fux ] / [ fux ]
Klingon letters:

letter, written character

word type: noun, TKD chapter 3.

plural: ngutlhmey


qepHom Saarbrücken 2016
See new words released at qepHom'a' 2016

Derived and related words

ngutlh tu'qom font, typeface
ngutlh Sar case
ngutlh nagh die/dice with letters
jItuj'ep ngutlh mummification glyph
mIllogh ngutlh hieroglyph

More Information

"case," "lower case," and "upper case" are not Klingon things, so there's no traditional Klingon jargon for this. Maltz said to just use "big" and "small": ngutlh tIn, ngutlh mach. For "ignore case," perhaps ngutlh Sar buSHa' "ignore written-character variety" or potlhbe' ngutlh Sar "written-character variety isn't important."
(announcement in the mailing list by David Younge-Mallo, of February 25, 2018)

A hieroglyph corresponds to a linguistic element (word, affix, sound, whatever) whereas a pictogram corresponds to a concept or idea. Hieroglyphics is a form of writing; pictograms are not writing. Since ngutlh refers specifically to symbols used to represent language, mIllogh ngutlh makes sense for hieroglyph. A hieroglyphic writing system is a form of logography, that is, a system in which, basically, a character represents a word. So mIllogh ngutlh could be used for the broader logograph as well as hieroglyph. In the Toki Pona book, there's a table of hieroglyphs. In the introduction to this table, it seems the terms hieroglyph and logogram could be used interchangeably, so mIllogh ngutlh remains a good choice. But a distinction is made between these hieroglyphs/logograms (sitelen pona) and another set called sitelen sitelen in which logograms appear combined into single symbols rather than being displayed one after the other. Since the logograms used in the sitelen sitelen system are logograms (though not the same as the logograms in the sitelen pona system), mIllogh ngutlh can be used for these components.

All of this boils down to: Sure, mIllogh ngutlh is fine for hieroglyph as used in the book. (qep'a' 2022)

Similar sounding words

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