S pIvyoch
piv.'yoc ] / [ piv.'yoc ]
Klingon letters:

pffiots (a pungent beverage)

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word type: noun, TKD chapter 3.

This word is a name so does not have a plural form.


qep'a' 2019
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In the TNG episode "Heart of Glory", the Klingon ordering food and drink (from the food replicator) says he wants 'o'mat ghIrI', which is some sort of meat and pasta-like concoction. Then he specifies that the fat in the food should be boiled, one of the optional ways to prepare this dish. He says tI'Im! boil (the fat) in the entrees)! He uses the prefix tI- because there are three separate entrees. Finally, he orders a special, rather pungent Klingon beverage known as pIvyoch. (qep'a' 2019)

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