S pa'
paz ] / [ paz ]
Klingon letters:

1. room, enclosed area

word type: noun, TKD chapter 3.

plural: pa'mey


The Klingon Dictionary p. 99
"enclosed area" added in KGT, p. 223

Canon examples

pa'Daq jIHtaH.
I'm in the room. (TKD p. 27)

pa'Daq yIjaH.
Go to the room. (TKD p. 27)

Derived and related words

parts of the room
pa' beb ceiling of top story room
pa' reD external wall

mebpa'mey hotel

types of rooms
beq pa'mey crew quarters
bewSom pa' brewing room
bo'DIj pa' court room
cha'puj pa' dilitium chamber
De'wI' Qulpa' computer research lab
jInmol pa' studio, workspace
jolpa' transportroom
jonta' pa' computer research lab
muchpa' auditorium
no'laS pa' sitting room, lounge
puchpa' washroom, bathroom
Qulpa' research lab
Soj polmeH pa' food storage
SopmeH pa' dining room
SopwI'pa' messhall
tojbogh pa' holodeck
vutpa' kitchen
wutlh pa' dungeon
yaS pa'mey officer's quarters
'uQ pa' dinner room
'ebHIv pa' distillery room

2. there, over there, thereabouts
word type: noun, TKD chapter 3.

plural: This word is probably not countable.


The Klingon Dictionary p. 99

3. before
word type: Type 9 verb suffix, TKD chapter 4.2.9.


The Klingon Dictionary p. 43, 164

More Information

  Regarding definition #1 – room, enclosed area:
qav'ap juH is for a house or an apartment of any size that is not owned by the occupant. For a dwelling within a larger building containing several such dwellings (regardless of ownership), it's common to just say pa'mey (or occasionally just pa'). (qep'a' 2021)

(in other words: there is no word for "apartment". Just call it "rooms".)

  Regarding definition #2 – there, over there, thereabouts:
It is worth noting at this point that the concepts expressed by the English adverbs "here, there," and "everywhere" are expressed by nouns in Klingon: naDev "hereabouts," pa' "thereabouts," Dat "everywhere." These words may perhaps be translated more literally as "area around here," "area over there," and "all places," respectively. Unlike other nouns, these three words are never followed by the locative suffix. (Note that pa' "thereabouts" and pa' "room" are identical in sound; pa'Daq however, can mean only "in/to the room.") (TKD p. 27)


'ap 1. be dented / 2. dues, toll

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