S pe''egh
'pez.zeg ] / [ 'pez.zeg ]
Klingon letters:

keep score

word type: verb, TKD chapter 4.
intransitive verb: pe''egh vay'. = Somebody/something keep scores.
This verb is made of the parts pe' and 'egh.


Klingon for the Galactic Traveler p. 223
First used in TKW (see list)

Canon examples

potlhbe'chugh yay qatlh pe''eghlu'?
If winning is not important, then why keep score? (TKW p. 135)

More Information

The traditional/old Klingon way of keeping score involves cutting oneself (pe''egh), and this is the term still in use. (TKW p. 135)

A "tally" or "(total) score" follows the same tradition. They say mIvwa'mey, literally "scars" (even though, in traditional scorekeeping, the cuts turn to scabs and eventually go away). This term is also used for "census" or "headcount."

"Out of" is awkward. loSlogh pe''egh; vaghlogh nID "cut oneself four times; tried five times." This is the construction even if the person stopped after four and didn't really attempt the fifth.

Maltz wasn't sure how "statistics" would be distinguished from "tally" in this context, but maybe mIvwa'mey poj "tally analysis" or mI' poj "number analysis" would work.

(boQwI' app terms, 2018)

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