S QIch wab Ho'DoS
qic wab 'hoz.dos ] / [ qic wab 'hoz.dos ]
Klingon letters:
qic wab hozdos
qic wab hozdos


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word type: noun, TKD chapter 3.

plural: QIch wab Ho'DoSmey
This noun is made of the parts QIch wab and Ho'DoS.


boQwI' app terms, 2018

More Information

TKD glosses QIch as "speech (vocal sounds)." The notation "(vocal sounds)" is intended to denote that "speech" here means the phenomenon of speech as opposed to an address or oration – that's SoQ. So QIch doesn't refer to individual speech sounds or speech sounds collectively. An individual speech sound is QIch wab and speech sounds collectively are QIch wabmey.

"Pronunciation" could be QIch wab Ho'DoS, more literally (but awkwardly) "speech-sound manner, speech-sound technique."

(boQwI' app terms, 2018)

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