S Qa'Hom
'qaz.hom ] / [ 'qaz.hom ]
Klingon letters:

type of animal (similar to Qa', but smaller)

word type: noun, TKD chapter 3.

plural: Qa'Hommey
This noun is made of the parts Qa' and Hom.


Klingon for the Galactic Traveler p. 225

More Information

Qa'Hom as seen on the KCD
"One word describing a small, insignificant animal" (KCD, CU001WK.wav) This word is used "to call an opponent weak and frightened". (KCD, CU001AD.wav)

On the language lab of the Klingon CD, this animal was displayed with a picture of a hedgehog, but it was incorrectly labeled as a "Ligonian titmouse". A titmouse though, is a bird.

On the Klingon CD, Okrand explained:
The translation "titmouse" is really only an approximation of what this word means. A Qa'Hom is a small animal considered rather insignificant. The word literally means "little Qa'". A Qa' is a larger, more dangerous animal. A Qa'Hom is not a young Qa', but it does bear a vage resemblance to its namesake. (KCD, CU001T.wav)

Marc Okrand later addressed this mistake in his message about birds:

The Qa'Hom, an animal similar to a Qa' but smaller, has been confused with a bird by some; Maltz does not know why, especially since it is the jajlo' Qa', not the Qa'Hom, that makes a fuss in the morning like the 'uSgheb does.)

(HolQeD 10:4 p. 4-5 )

In a personal message with Lieven L. Litaer of May 2021, Okrand confirmed that as the Klingon CD shows a picture of a hedgehog for the Qa'Hom, we should consider that as a fact, that the Klingon animal really is something that looks like that image.

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