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Klingon letters:
qel boq
qel boq

doctor's aide, nurse

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word type: noun, TKD chapter 3.

plural: Qel boQpu' (beings capable of language)
This noun is made of the parts Qel and boQ.


Usenet group message of Oct 20, 1998

More Information

This term was suggested by Steven Boozer and accepted by Marc Okrand:

There is no single term for "nurse," as distinguished from "physician's assistant." Voragh's suggestions (Qel boQ doctor's aide, HaqwI' boQ surgeon's aide) are fine and both could be used. Qov's suggestion, QelHom, consisting of Qel doctor plus the diminutive suffix -Hom, is also an acceptable form (and is an excellent illustration of the diminutive suffix – the word means "not quite a doctor" or "lesser doctor" or the like).

(quote from of message to the Usenet group, Oct. 20, 1998 Re: Just curious...)

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