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word type: verb, TKD chapter 4.
transitive verb: vay' vISIS. = I rain something.


The Klingon Dictionary p. 107

Canon examples

SIS 'e' 'aqlu'
It is predicted that it will rain (qep'a' 2017)

See 'aq for usage of that verb.

Derived and related words

SIS yoD umbrella


the sound it makes when it rains: shshshshs

More Information

Although it seems that SIS can have an object, that should be used with care, because the subject probably can only be a cloud or the weather.

Roger Cheesbro reported talking to Marc Okrand

In a way everyone was correct with this one. It rained a few times during the weekend, so we were put into the situation to discuss it.

All correct.

SISlu', although grammaticlly correct, he didn't particularly like. Someone COULD use it but to me it sounds like they skipped science class and don't know what the subject is.

You can also give it an object and say things like "the clouds rained down cats and dogs." ...or something like that; you get the idea. But when Marc and I went outside and drops of water were falling on us, he looked up and simply said "SIS".
(message  to the list of May 28, 1998)

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