S SIrgh pangwI' may'ron raS
sirg paf.'wiz 'máz.ron ras ] / [ sirg paf.'wiz 'máz.ron ras ]
Klingon letters:
sirg pafwiz mayzron ras
sirg pafwiz mayzron ras


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word type: noun, TKD chapter 3.

plural: SIrgh pangwI' may'ron raSmey
This noun is made of the parts SIrgh, pangwI' and may'ron raS.


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More Information

There is no instrument like this in traditional Klingon culture, but Klingons have seen them on Earth and elsewhere and generally use the term may'ron raS to refer to one. This is made up of may'ron, a Klingon instrument reminiscent of an accordion, and raS "table," as if an instrument of this type is a may'ron built into a piece of furniture or something like that. This sort of makes sense if the first instrument of this kind they encountered was, or was similar to, an old organ that creates sound via bellows that pump air through pipes or reeds, somewhat resembling how a may'ron makes sound. Even though the term may'ron raS would seem to ignore the fact that a piano or harpsichord creates sound via vibrating strings (rather than strips of material, or joQmey, in a may'ron), it's used for all of these keyboard instruments anyway.

If clarification is needed, the instrument is further described. A piano or harpsichord could be a SIrgh may'ron raS (SIrgh "string"). To distinguish a piano from a harpsichord, it gets cumbersome: SIrgh pangwI' may'ron raS "string-plucker may'ron table"; SIrgh moqwI' may'ron raS "string-beater may'ron table."

Occasionally, and in appropriate contexts, these are shortened by leaving out the may'ron: SIrgh pangwI' raS "string-plucker table, harpsichord"; SIrgh moqwI' raS "string-beater table, piano." An organ, if it is to be distinguished from one of these other instruments, is SuS may'ron raS "wind may'ron table," even though that's a bit redundant.

Maltz added that a piano in a piano bar (where patrons are encouraged to drink and sing) is sometimes called a HIvje'He. He wasn't aware of this word being used for pianos elsewhere, but it might be. He said that he'd heard that a new piano bar sort of establish-ment was set to open on Qualor II, but he didn't know whether it ever did.

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