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1. be horizontal

word type: verb used as adjective, TKD chapter 4.4.
Quality verbs are intransitive by nature.


The Klingon Dictionary p. 107

2. a) be shallow, superficial, uncritical b) be unfortunate, not good (slang)
word type: verb used as adjective, TKD chapter 4.4. , slang usage, KGT, chapter 5.2.
Quality verbs are intransitive by nature.


Klingon for the Galactic Traveler p. 35, 148, 163

Canon examples

SaS DIvI' HoD The Federation captain is shallow. (KGT, p. 164)

More Information

This word, literally meaning "be horizontal," refers to someone's intellect. To describe someone as SaS is certainly insulting, as in SaS DIvI' HoD ("The Federation captain is shallow" [...]). This slang expression has apparently been in use for quite a while and is fairly common. Indeed, for this usage of the term, there is no known standard equivalent.

SaS is also used as an exclamation to express disapproval, comparable to the standard Do'Ha' ("unfortunate"). For example, upon hearing that a ship has been destroyed, one may say simply SaS (literally, "horizontal" but suggesting "That's bad, that's unfortunate"). A slang word with a meaning similar to SaS is natlh (literally, "consume, use up"). The opposite meaning – that is, "profound, thorough" and "good" – is often expressed by the slang verbs chong (literally, "be vertical") and qu' (literally, "be fierce"). (KGT p. 164)

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