S Sach
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Klingon letters:

1. expand

word type: verb, TKD chapter 4.
intransitive verb: Sach vay'. = Somebody/something expands.


The Klingon Dictionary p. 106
First used in TKW (see list)

Canon examples

mataHmeH maSachnIS.
To survive, we must expand. (TKW p. 11)

2. be amplified, fleshed out, elaborated, increased in scope
word type: verb used as adjective, TKD chapter 4.4.
Quality verbs are intransitive by nature.


qepHom Saarbrücken 2018
See new words released at qepHom'a' 2018

More Information

Sach can be used as an adjective, yes. Basically, Sach means to expand. If a person works on a book, or a device, and improves it, makes it better than before, then they SachmoH the thing. The result is, as an example, a paq Sach an "expanded book". (qepHom 2018 video interview)

jo' is used for "zoom in on" (the object is the image). jo'Ha' is "zoom out" (applied to something that was previously zoomed in on). In context, Sach "expand, be amplified, be increased in scope" can be used for "be magnified." (qep'a' 2021)


chaS top of walking cane

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