S San
san ] / [ san ]
Klingon letters:

fate, destiny

word type: noun, TKD chapter 3.

plural: Sanmey


The Klingon Dictionary p. 106

Canon examples

ngoch luchermeH 'ej wo' San luwuqmeH pa' ghom tlhIngan yejquv DevwI-DevwI'pu'
[...] where the leaders of the Klingon High Council meet to determine policy and decide upon the fate of the Empire. (S25)

puH lonlaw'ta' / yIn qa' / SanDaj SaH pagh
It was as if the spirit of life / Had forsaken the earth, / And no one cared about its fate. (paq'batlh)

mob qeylIS / ngeng HeHDaq yIt / SanDaj buS vaj 'It
And Kahless was alone / Walking along the shore, / His fate heavy on his shoulders. (paq'batlh)

nItebHa' yIntaHmeH / Sanchaj luqaD / nItebHa' SuvlI'
Fighting side by side / Against the odds /For survival together. (paq'batlh)

molor molor molor / SanlIj DanarghlaHbe' / chalqachDaq bIQaDbe' je
molor, molor, molor, / You cannot escape your fate, / Even in a tower you are not safe! (paq'batlh)

qeylIS molor je / Sanmaj chenmoH / tIqDu'raj HoS
Kahless and molor, / The strength of your hearts / Will decide what is to come. (paq'batlh)

ngIq tonSaw' lo' / SaD law' San chenmoH qeylIS / wej boghbogh nuvpu' San chenmoH
In one single move, / Kahless decided the fate / Of thouSands, and those to come. (paq'batlh)

pa' QeHHa'choH qotar veqlargh je / quv Hutlhbogh qa' HoH / quv Hutlh ngoQ Hutlh San Hutlh
Kotar and Fek'lhr cooled their rage there, / Slaying spirits with no honor, / No honor, no hope, no future. (paq'batlh)

chutmey tIQ wemta' / SanDaj qaDta' / tuHbe' tlhInganvam jay'
He has broken the ancient rules, / He has defied his destiny / Curse this Klingon, who has no shame! (paq'batlh)

More Information

San can be translated as either "fate" or "destiny" (and probably some other things).
(Marc Okrand to Lieven L. Litaer, December 2017, for his translation of Klingon subtitles on Netflix)

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