S SopmeH pa'
'sop.meh paz ] / [ 'sop.meh paz ]
Klingon letters:
sopmeh paz
sopmeh paz

dining room

word type: noun, TKD chapter 3.

plural: SopmeH pa'mey
This noun is made of the parts Sop, meH and pa'.


newsgroup message of June 18, 1997

Derived and related words

SopwI'pa' mess hall

More Information

SopmeH pa' (literally "room in order to eat" or "room for eating," from Sop "eat" plus -meH "in order to") is a reasonable way to say "eating room" or "dining room." I also don't think Klingons, not being prone to stand on ceremony where eating is concerned, would object to eating breakfast in something called a 'uQ pa' "dinner room," a common-type noun-noun construction.

(newsgroup message of June 18, 1997)

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