S taHqeq
tah.'kek ] / [ tah.'kek ]
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word type: exclamation, TKD chapter 5.5.


Addendum of The Klingon Dictionary p. 178
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If one were to hear one Klingon say to another, bItaHrup'a'? "are you prepared to continue?" (bI- "you", taH "continue", -rup "ready, prepared, -'a' "question"), one should probably either stand back or get closer, depending upon whether one thinks a fight or stimulating round of curse warfare is about to ensue. The expression carries the element of defiance only if the pronominal element is second person (SutaHrup'a' is the form used when addressing a group rather than an individual [Su- "you (plural)"]). taHrup'a' means merely "is he/she (or are they) ready to continue?" It's just a question. Even with a second-person pronoun, in a context that is clearly nonconfrontational, the phrase bItaHrup'a' (or SutaHrup'a') could be used to convey its literal meaning, "Are you ready to continue?" The defiant sense of the expression, however, is more common.

Maltz felt sure that there was a connection between this expression and the expletive taHqeq, but he couldn't explain exactly what the connection was.

(HolQeD, 12:3, p. 8-10)

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