S tanje'rIn
tan.'jez.rin ] / [ tan.'jez.rin ]
Klingon letters:

tangerine, an orange like Terran fruit

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word type: noun, TKD chapter 3.

plural: tanje'rInmey


qepHom Saarbrücken 2019
reported by Robyn Stewart
See new words released at qepHom'a' 2019

Questions about this word

It is not clear why this fruit does not follow the pattern for fruit of having the word naH.
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English word tangerine

More Information

During the qepHom 2019, Robyn Stewart told the story on Facebook how Marc Okrand revealed the word for "tangerine", an orange like fruit.

DaHjaj po tera' na'ran vISoplI' 'ach wIb 'oH. jIjatlh, wIbmo' tera' na'ranvam, tera' na'ran wIb 'oHlaw' 'ach tera' na'ran wIb 'oHbe'.

raSmajDaq paw marq 'oqranD 'ej tera' na'ran SopchoH ghaH. ghaHvaD jIjatlh, wIb tera' na'ran vISoppu'bogh. wIb'a' na'ranlIj?

jatlh marq, tera' na'ran 'oHbe'. tanje'rIn 'oH. (qaStaHvIS tup {na'ranHom} qel 'ach mu' {tanje'rIn} wIv).

(TFW when Klingons use a more precise vocabulary set for Earth fruits than I, a native-born Terran, do.)

SKI: new Klingon word: tanje'rIn - the Earth fruit that Qov calls an orange, but the kind that peels easily and breaks into segments without getting juice on your fingers.

(Facebook Post of Nov 16, 2019)

Obviously, this is a loanword.

Robyn Stewart affirmed to David Yonge-Mallo that tera' tanje'rIn is wrong and that she recalls Okrand said tanje'rIn and not tanje'rIn naH. Zrajm who was also there confirms tera' tanje'rIn is wrong but is not sure whether naH was there or not. (Reported by David Yonge-Mallo at the mailing list, Nov 26, 2019)

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na'ran orange

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