S taymey
tá.mé ] / [ tá.mé ]
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section of a book separate from the main part

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word type: noun, TKD chapter 3.

plural: taymeymey
This noun is made of the parts tay and mey.


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More Information

"Prologue" is bI'reS taymey and "epilogue" is bertlham taymey. But it's really more complicated.

taymey is a section of a book or play or the like that's separate from the main portion of the work. It's seldom used without bI'reS ("beginning") or bertlham ("end") unless everyone already knows what the discussion is about (so, for example, you could say bI'reS taymey once and then, after that in the same discussion about the same thing, you don't have to include bI'reS each time). Despite its description, taymey is not used for the appendix of a work. A taymey contextualizes the main work; an appendix [see HommaH] is considered supplemental.

Maltz thought that this word was a remnant of the way stories used to be told orally, since they'd begin and end with some sort of ritual (tay), the details of which are lost. Even though taymey ends with the -mey "plural" suffix, taymey is a frozen form and is considered singular. It's okay to say taymeymey should the need arise.

(qepHom 2020)

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