S tera'
te.'raz ] / [ te.'raz ]
Klingon letters:

Earth (planet)

word type: noun, TKD chapter 3.

This word is a name so does not have a plural form.


The Klingon Dictionary p. 109

Derived and related words

tera'ngan Terran

More Information

Many Terran animals and some fruits or plants carry the word tera' in their name, indicating that a Klingon word is used to describe a Terran animal. This is in parallel to English words of alien things, such as "Klingon horse" and so on. Okrand frequently says that you can omit the tera' part once it has been cleared what is being talked about.

The following word definition gives a good clue on how tera' is combined with nouns:
There is also a somewhat similar Klingon game called cha'DaSvI'. [...] For the Terran game, the loanword gho'lIv is most common. Maltz thought Terran golf was far too tame to be referred to as tera' cha'DaSvI'. (qep'a' 2021)

tera' bIQ lung'a' alligator, crocodile
tera' cheS rabbit
tera' la'SIv turtle
tera' lIr owl
tera' nagh DIr charwI' snail, slug

Note that none of these fruits are also tagged with naH since everyone knows what they are as there are probably Klingon versions of all these. A tera' na'ran'a' is that big na'ran-looking thing from Earth, while a tera' na'ran wIb is that sour-tasting na'ran-like fruit. Everyone knows that a proper na'ran is sweet.

tera' na'ran orange
tera' na'ran'a' grapefruit
tera' na'ran wIb lemon
tera' peb'ot cucumber
tera' yav 'atlhqam mushrooms
tera' 'arDeH ivy

Mars and Jupiter have two names, as do other planets in our solar system. There's the "scientific" name and the nickname that the Klingons learned after encountering and engaging with Terrans. In talking with Terrans, or in Terran-y contexts, the nicknames are more common.
(Marc Okrand to Jack bradley for In The Year 2889)
In a separate list, Okrand gave the scientific name for Mars as Sol loS and Jupiter as Sol vagh.
Based on that information, it can be concluded that all planet names in the solar system can be numbered, and the Terran sun is named Sol. So, although it sounds unusual, Earth is labeled scientifically as Sol wej.

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