S tlhep
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Klingon letters:

be suspended, be dangling

word type: verb, TKD chapter 4.
intransitive verb: tlhep vay'. = Somebody/something be suspended, be danglings.



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This is basically the intransitive meaning of "hang":
And there's another word: tlhep "be suspended, be dangling." Use HuS if, for example, you hang your coat on a hook on the wall or hang sheets on a clothesline to dry. But if, say, you see a spider dangling at the bottom of one of those silk threads that spiders extrude, use tlhep. Or if you see a pair of shoes tied together by the laces and, for whatever reason, they're hanging by the tied-together laces from an overhead power wire, use tlhep.

(Marc Okrand to Lieven L. Litaer talking about the Hamletmachine, November 2019)

This verb is also used to describe straight hair:
Klingons would probably describe straight hair as tlhep "dangling." (qepHom 2021)

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