S to'waQ
'toz.waq ] / [ 'toz.waq ]
Klingon letters:

ligament, tendon

word type: noun, TKD chapter 3.

plural: to'waQDu' (body parts)


Klingon for the Galactic Traveler p. 88, 228

Canon examples

to'waQ meQ vutwI'.
The cook burns the tendon. (KGT p. 191)

More Information

to'waQ should not be used for "chewing gum":

Apparently, some Klingons enjoy chewing req for fun:

There is an idiomatic expression to'waQ yIv that means to take some time to consider a matter, but its meaning comes from the fact that to'waQ takes a relatively long time to chew (before swallowing), compared to other things you might be chewing, like muscle. It does not follow from this that Klingons chew to'waQ for pleasure, just because the flavor lingers longer or because it works off nervous energy.

Maybe req would be better than to'waQ since, if you were to chew req, you'd probably be doing it just for the purpose of chewing (and whatever pleasure or benefit that may bring in and of itself), unlike to'waQ, which you'd be chewing for the purpose of grinding it up so you could finally swallow it.

(Notes on the Sendung mit der Maus of 2021, archived at qepHom.de )

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