S tonSaw'
ton.'sāz ] / [ ton.'sāz ]
Klingon letters:

fighting technique

word type: noun, TKD chapter 3.

plural: tonSaw'mey


Klingon for the Galactic Traveler p. 228

More Information

  Regarding definition #2 – be in a stance, be in a pose:
The noun lol refers to a specific martial arts stance. It's not a general term for "stance" (so you don't say mIl'oD lol "sabre bear pose"). tonSaw' "fighting technique," however, is used as a general term for "stance" when talking about Mok'bara poses and the like, so you could say mIl'oD tonSaw' "sabre bear stance."

The verb lol means "be in a stance"; it doesn't take an object. To command someone to strike a specific pose (typically a martial arts pose or stance), use the verb much, usually glossed as "present, perform," with the specific pose as the object: mIl'oD tonSaw' yImuch "strike the sabre bear pose!" If the context is clear – that is, if mIl'oD is known to mean the name of a pose – then you can leave tonSaw' out and just say mIl'oD yImuch "strike the sabre bear (pose)!" (This is like in English when talking about yoga poses: "Do the downward facing dog!") If you were performing in a play and your character was a sabre bear, the director might also say mIl'oD yImuch, meaning something like "perform/present the sabre bear (role)!"

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