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1. propagate

word type: verb, TKD chapter 4.
Probably transitive (not confirmed)


qep'a' 2016
See new words released at qep'a' 23

Questions about this word

It's not exactly sure how to use this verb, whether it can take an object and what the object is.
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2. move through time toward the future
word type: verb, TKD chapter 4.
transitive verb: vay' vIvIb. = I move through time toward the future something.


qep'a' 2016
See new words released at qep'a' 23

Canon examples

jIvIb. qaSDI' vatlh DIS poH cha'maH Hut, jImev.
I time-travel to the 29th century. (qep'a' 2016)

jIvIbHa'pu' 'ej qeylIS vIqIHpu'.
I time-traveled into the past and I met Kahless. (qep'a' 2016)

jIvIbHa'. wejHu-Hu' jImev.
I time-travel three days into the past. (qep'a' 2016)

with an object:
wa'vatlh DIS vIvIb.
I time-travel 100 years into the future. (qep'a' 2016)


vIbHa' travel back through time

More Information

This can only be used for real time travel with technical means, not just "spending time". (qep'a' 2016)

The meaning of "propagate" is not in reference to plants. (qep'a' 2016)

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