S vegh
veg ] / [ veg ]
Klingon letters:

go through (an open door, a tunnel etc.)

word type: verb, TKD chapter 4.
transitive verb: vay' vIvegh. = I go through (an open door, a tunnel etc.) something.


HolQeD vol. 6 issue 3, September 1997
view text of that issue p. 5-8

Canon examples

bISuvtaHvIS qarDaS bIghHa' peQ botjan Daveghchu'
Fight your way beyond magnetic shield of Cardassian prison. (MKE)

More Information

The object of the verb is the thing being gone through.

After qep'a' loSDIch of 1997, William H. Martin described the new word in the mailing list:
Note that this does mean:
A man goes through an open door, a bird goes through an open window or a woman goes through a tunnel.

Note that it explicitly does NOT mean:
A man's fist goes through a closed door, an arrow goes through a bird's heart or a woman goes through a forest.

(Subject: New word from Okrand / Date: Sun, 20 Jul 1997 22:37:03 -0400)

Thje following discussion on the list was summarized in the "KLI Round Table" in HolQeD v6n3.

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