S wa' wa' wa'
waz waz waz ] / [ waz waz waz ]
Klingon letters:
waz waz waz
waz waz waz

It's complicated. (slang)

word type: mixed phrase / idiom , slang usage, KGT, chapter 5.2.
This phrase is made of the parts wa', wa' and wa'.


qepHom Saarbrücken 2014
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More Information

There's another slang expression with the same meaning: wa' wa' wa'. This is, of course, literally "one one one." I think Maltz knows why this is associated with complex things, but he didn't tell me. In fact, I learned about it only by chance when he was telling me about the slang usage of wa'maH wej. I asked him if he could explain the complicated way of saying 13 in the old counting system. He just said wa' wa' wa' and let it go at that, adding only that if, in school, a student responded to a teacher's question by saying wa' wa' wa' instead of giving – or trying to give – the correct answer, the student was likely to be disciplined (unless, of course, that was the correct answer). (qepHom 2014)

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