S wa'maH wej
'waz.mah wej ] / [ 'waz.mah wej ]
Klingon letters:
wazmah wej
wazmah wej


word type: number, TKD chapter 5.2.
This number is made of the parts wa'maH and wej.


qepHom Saarbrücken 2014
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More Information

The idiomatic usage of the number thirteen wa'maH wej means something like "it is complicated".

One can use it in situations like:
- qatlh QeH? Why is he angry?
- wa'maH wej. That's complicated.

The origin of this expression is based on the ternary counting system explained in The Klingon Dictionary, saying that Klingons used to count in pairs of 3. So 4 was actually said "3 plus 1", 6 was "3 plus 3". The higher the numbers get, the more complicated this system becomes. To say 12, you have "3 times 3 plus 3" - and then: it becomes complicated. That's where the expression came from. (qepHom 2014)

See also

There's another slang expression with the same meaning: wa' wa' wa'.

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