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pIqaD Word Definition
kelpifan qelpIngan Kelpien (person)
kelpiyazfan qelpIya'ngan Kelpien (person)
kelpiyaz qelpIya' Home of the Kelpiens
fan ngan inhabitant
xap tlhap take
zuz kuk 'u' quq parallel universe
zuz dop 'u' Dop mirror universe
kuk quq happen simultaneously, be simultaneous
dak Daq site, location
gajwiz ghajwI' owner
bokzeg boq'egh multiply (math)
miz nag mI' nagh playing dice, die
hos wawz HoS waw' energy facility
kavzap qav'ap rent, fee, cost, price
gaj ghaj have, possess
quc Quch forehead
dug Dugh be vigilant
paw paw arrive
rol rol beard
narg nargh appear
loc loch mustache
pac moq pach moQ high court gavel
yud yuD be dishonest
paslog paSlogh socks
vax vatlh coil
sanid SanID thousand
cuswiz chuSwI' type of rodent that lives underground and makes annoying noise
korgh qorgh stop up, fill a hole
gu ghu baby
kol qol Kol (name)
tanjezrin tanje'rIn tangerine, an orange like Terran fruit
cabhom chabHom cookie
millog kol mIllogh qol animation, cartoon
pis pIS
sit SIt
qux Qutlh support
kod quxwiz fadmohwiz qoD QutlhwI' ngaDmoHwI' inner support stabilizer
fadmohwiz ngaDmoHwI' stabilizer (component of a ship)
rewvez mijdaf rewve' mIjDang handheld fan
mijdaf mIjDang fin, flipper
sus mijdaf SuS mIjDang handheld fan
qokez Qoqe'
zopdic 'opDIch nth
bozdij bo'DIj court (institution)
wuk wuq decide upon
wukwiz wuqwI' juror
wukwiz gom wuqwI' ghom jury
tir fat tIr ngat breadcrumb(s)
hil HIl make someone's presence known
kip qIp hit (with hand, fist, implement)

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