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pIqaD Word Definition
fodhom ngoDHom small facts, bits
hov lef qed Hov leng QeD treknology
maykel dozrin mayqel Do'rIn Michael Dorn
fusdiz nguSDI' motor
pivcem sehwiz pIvchem SeHwI' warp field controller
tal sehwiz fusdiz tal SeHwI' nguSDI' cannon control motor
tel sehwiz joz tel SeHwI' jo' wing control mechanism
hun Hun khrun, type of animal
sehwiz SeHwI' controller
zedsehca 'eDSeHcha take-off/landing thrusters
mud feb sehwiz pat muD ngeb SeHwI' pat atmospheric control system
lef dox sehwiz pat leng Dotlh SeHwI' pat flight reaction control system
sehwiz pat SeHwI' pat control system
seh SeH control
qed sehlaw QeD SeHlaw science console
qum sehlaw Qum SeHlaw communications console
zivtih 'IvtIH hip
muc kac much qach theater
mucpaz muchpa' auditorium
muc much presentation
lol lol a specific martial arts stance
jer jer surge (aircraft suddenly moves forwards or backwards)
qah QaH help
qahwiz QaHwI' helper
nel nel match, pair up, map onto
ziv 'Iv altitude
gorg ghorgh when
dav Dav sway, sidestep
ron ron roll, be rolling
jim jIm heave, shrug
tor tor kneel
der Der yaw, veer
zor 'or pilot, operate (an aircraft)
zorwiz 'orwI' pilot
ronmoh ronmoH roll, bank
lavhaz lavHa' return back to upright (or earlier) position
lercuz lerchu' oscillate
jimmoh jImmoH shrug
tex tetlh roll, scroll, list
lav lav shrub
ler ler wobble
hay Hay area beyond
ceg chegh return
tax tatlh return
tax.-eg tatlh'egh return
duran Duran Durani (planet)
duran luf dir Duran lung DIr Durani lizard skins
luf lung type of animal, loong (lizardlike)
duran luf Duran lung Durani lizard
nahlet yub naHlet yub nut shell

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