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1. collection of segments that are joined together, collocation

Wortart: Nomen, TKD Kapitel 3.

Mehrzahl: qolmey


qepHom Saarbrücken 2021
Siehe neue Vokabeln des qepHom'a' 2021

Abgeleitete und verwandte Wörter

mIllogh qol animation, cartoon

2. Kol (name)

Wortart: Nomen, TKD Kapitel 3.

Bei Namen gibt es keine Mehrzahlform.


Klingon subtitles of DSC - Ep. 1.01

Mehr Informationen

LL: What does the word qol in qol mean here? Is it a verb or a noun? So what is the plural form?

MO: qol is a noun. Maltz couldn't think of a good Federation Standard word for this, but it means something along the lines of "collection of segments that are joined together." (Maybe "collocation" is a good gloss, but Maltz wasn't sure.) Note that this refers to the collection of joined things, not an individual component. Thus an individual link in a chain is not a qol (it's a tlharwIl). A mIr "chain" is an example of a qol, but qol is a more general term. The components of a qol don't have to be physically joined, but they have to have a connection or be arranged as if they were or could be joined.

So you would say qolmey for multiple cartoons.

LL: So this is referring to the fact that one sees 12 (or so) images per second that result in a movement?

MO: Sort of. Taken literally, qol refers to the fact that there are multiple images, not explicitly to the speedy presentation of the images. But in usage, it refers to either or both.

LL: Do the single elements of a qol need to be identical or at least similar to each other? Or can they be completely unrelated things?

MO: They can be different things, but there's some sort of ordering or organization (otherwise they wouldn't be in a qol).

LL: Can you think of a different kind of qol, that is in the form of X qol?

MO: qol implies some ordered or organized connection or relationship between its constituents beyond just being together. The set of teeth in your mouth might be described as a Ho' qol.

Now you're going to ask what the difference is between qol and vey. A deck of cards (playing cards) is referred to as a 'echletHom vey. It's a vey regardless of what order the cards are in. But if you take the cards and organize them, say by suit, and, within each suit, put them in numerical order, then you have not only a 'echletHom vey, but also (in this example) four 'echletHom qolmey.

— (qepHom 2021)


loq be extinct

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